Thursday, 21 August 2014

WLCI College Reviews the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Did you know that the Ice Bucket Challenge wasn’t originated by the ALS Association ?

Still the association was thrilled to embrace the movement. WLCI College reveals why !

A keen social media strategy that empowers awareness by giving users a platform to either donate time and money or simply “share” and “like” the efforts. With the trend going viral, the ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Association has adapted the motto Awareness is better than Nothing. The drive has gained traction with celebrities pouring buckets filled with ice water on their heads.

WLCI College encourages you to see the strategies behind campaigns, visit to know more.

Monday, 18 August 2014

How Wigan & Leigh College becomes a Career Coach

Defined as a person who gives advice on all things pertaining to employment – searches and growth, a Career Coach is the best judge of your future. WLCI College engages the faculty members in special training to mentor and coach you for a more successful future.

Developing strategies that facilitate better performance and clear-cut growth in your career prospect is what the goal is for the members of WLC College India. A professional mentor is required by all. This mentor is an objective persona who has significant interest in building up your accomplishments.

With the amount of stress that shadow’s growth in responsibilities, it is highly important to have a coach to guide you and give you clarity. This mentor keeps you in touch with your goals and constantly encourages you to serve the end purpose.

The career coach at WLCI College guides you in the following ways :-

  •         Setting a Plan of Action
  •         Staying Focused
  •         Accomplishing Defined Tasks
  •         Engaging in Team Work
  •         Developing personal Strengths 

All in all, the main objective of the WLCI Counselors is to find your spirit of purpose and enable you to achieve your desired goals all the while carefully scrutinizing your capabilities.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

How Wigan & Leigh Celebrated 60's Fashion Era

1960’s was a revolutionary decade in the Fashion Industry. A lot of styles were born during this era. From Mary Quant’s Mini Skirt to Andre Courreges’s Space Look ! Successful fashion experiments are what had made this period. Wigan & Leigh College in India celebrated this epoch in fashion in its own way.

Students were briefed on the assignment and had to compile a research paper, along with sketches of garment. Diverse trends were explored such as the mini dresses, kitten heeled pumps and the vinyl clothing. All were accepted by the varied members of the society. The infamous Bikini too made its first appearance in the era.

Major trends included psychedelic prints consisting of mismatched patterns in the most vibrant colors. Keeping this in mind, the WLCI College Students in Mumbai came up with these designs. As one can observe the essential theme of the 1960’s has been captured but it has a modern feel to it. Observing the cuts and styles of current day and age, this project reveals a perfect blend of “Then & Now”.

WLCI College India is known to engage the students in multiple assignments to explore the vast aspects of an industry. This is so because the founder members of the institute firmly believed in allowing the student to find their calling. If one does not explore, they can never find themselves !

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Is WLCI College in Kolkata Good ?

Yes, Indeed !

WLCI College in Kolkata is located in the most prime location of Salt Lake City. Courses offered at this campus are listed below :-

  •       Business Management
o   Marketing
o   Finance
o   Human Resource
  •          Fashion Technology
  •          Adverting and Graphic Design

With world class facilities and highly qualified faculty members, it can rightly be said that WLCI College in Kolkata is not only good but one of the best. Students, who pursue their higher education at WLC College India, get international exposure and recognition. They adapt the right blend of text book knowledge along with hands on understanding of the concepts and techniques.

Numerous success stories have started by taking the step to join WLCI College and completing the most perfect professional course available. One such story is of Mr. Utsav Bajaj. 

Utsav joined WLCI College in Kolkata under the Business Management programme. He chose to specialize in Marketing, however, the faculty recognized his keen grasp of the financial market. We encouraged him to follow his heart with the specialization in Marketing management but, at the same time, pushed him towards appearing for the CFA exam.

He successfully completed his certification and got employed at Standard Chartered Bank as a Relationship Manager. Utsav stayed with them for 2 years and then moved on to become Assistant Vice President at Religare Macquarie  Private Wealth. After almost 4 years, he was promoted to the post of Vice President for Investment Advisory in the year 2012, and currently is employed at the same.
Success is a synonym of WLCI College. Visit the campus to meet many more achievers !
 WLCI College – Kolkata Campu
3rd Floor, Natya Bhavan Block EE,
No. 8 Sec II, Salt Lake City,
Kolkata 700091

Thursday, 7 August 2014

WLCI School of Design pays tribute to Pran

The creator of Chacha Chaudhary- cartoonist Pran passed away yesterday. He was suffering with colon cancer and took his last breath at a hospital in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR Region. Aged 75, Pran had managed to complete his last Chacha comic all the while battling his terminal disease.

WLCI School of Design salutes and pays tribute to this legendary cartoonist !