Saturday, 19 July 2014

Review of WLCI Design School - Nepal

WLC Design School Nepal adds a new feather in its cap, the WLC design students comes to the aid of the well-known Nepal airplanes fleet-Yeti Airlines. For long the domestic airlines of Nepal has been planning a refurbishing. In this overhauling process, it was aided by the premier Design school of Nepal. The students worked out a plan on the exterior look of the aircrafts and executed it with precision that got applaud from the professional airlines company!

Yeti airlines are one of the largest airline fleet in Nepal and surely the oldest. The airline has served the isolated population of Nepal living in far-flung mountain areas by providing the only means of transportation and connection to the outside world.

Yeti Airlines Domestic Pvt. Ltd. started operations with two DHC-6/300 Series 'Twin Otter' aircraft flying to remote areas with STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) airports. It remains dedicated to the cause of serving the Nepalese people and now it has a re-furbished fleet with a swanky new livery conceptualized and painted by the WLC Design Students. Yeti Airlines have thanked and formally appreciated the help extended by WLC Design School.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Feedback of WLCI on Pink Floyd Return

The psychedelic rock-band 'Pink Floyd' is going to release its new album after a period of 20 years !

They were considered fashion icons in their time. This news comes as a happy surprise to many Pink Floyd fans who haven't heard any new creation for long. Hope the wait will be over for them and their fans get to hear the new album-The Endless River soon.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

WLCI – I’m comfortable in my own hat

WLCI Fashion School figured out an innovative way to hold an orientation session for their new students of Fashion Technology. The session was named- I am comfortable in my own hat.

wlci college

The study of Fashion Technology encourages its students to give expression to their own thoughts, emotions, and perceptions of fashion, style and trend. In order to set the ball rolling and students to delve deeper into their own creative pool of talent, WLCI School of Fashion in Mumbai came up with an innovative and fun idea of designing their own –Hats.

Every personality is unique. Every individual has their own characteristics and straits. These hats represent their individual’s qualities, features, colour-likes and dislikes, and thought processes. Everyone is proud to show who and what they are and what they want the world to perceive them as. They stand by their principles and ideas. No one is the best or worst at what they do, it's just a matter of the way you see it. No two hats (people) are the same; they all have a tinge of uniqueness to it. 

WLCI School of Fashion encourages, original thinking, creative expressions and exploring one’s own potentials. Thus sessions like these represent the true spirit of the WLCI organization and the outcome of such endeavors are always surprisingly a happy one! 

To know more about the WLCI School of Fashion, click on the following link:

Monday, 14 July 2014

How Wigan and Leigh College Build a Bridge

WLC College India’s tag line – A Bridge to your Future, was looked at with a fresh perspective. The student and faculty members of WLCI Mumbai campus, hosted a workshop in the premises. This workshop was aptly titled – Build a Bridge. 

wlci review

This initiative took place to encourage our newest members to showcase their skills. The fraternity at WLCI is known for the innovative teaching methodologies. Thereby, this workshop was held at the time of orientation to strengthen the skills like – Leadership; Team – work; and Implementing Resources.

The students were divided into groups and were each given waste materials like newspapers, plastic bottles etc. Their goal was to create a strong structure that idolized a Bridge. By doing so, WLCI faculty aimed at recognizing each student’s strength and weakness.

Encouraging students in this manner helps them understand the value of communication, cooperation and adjustments. Since, the students were meeting each other for the very first time, with the aid of this activity they built Bridges of Friendships!

WLCI College Mumbai Campus, hosted such a workshop to highlight the fact that “One should not be discouraged with the limited resources they carry, they should rather improvise to reach their goals.” 

Come and create a Bridge to your Future!
WLCI Mumbai Campus
New Mahalaxmi Silk Mills,
Mathuradas Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg,
Lower Parel (W), Mumbai – 400 013

Saturday, 12 July 2014

WLCI School Reviews Integrated Design

Design is a discipline that cannot be compartmentalized! It flows into different disciplines and enriches them. Of late a new design approach has emerged which is called ‘Integrated Design’. In integrated approach the collaborative method for designing is used and many external factors and designing channels are taken into consideration. 


This new form designing is used mostly in the field of architecture and also in interior design. The integrated design process requires multidisciplinary collaboration, from conception to completion. Decision-making protocols and complementary design principles must be established early in the process in order to satisfy the goals of multiple stakeholders while achieving the overall project objectives.

In addition to extensive collaboration, integrated design involves a “whole building design” approach. A building/structure is viewed as an interdependent system, as opposed to an accumulation of its separate components (site, structure, systems and use). The goal of looking at all the systems together to make sure they work in harmony rather than against each other.

This inbuilt ‘Harmony’ that it achieves in its process of project implementation is a unique element of integrated design.

Nowadays many institutes provide a rigorous program for students with a platform to study integrated design fields. It emphasizes innovation in art and design practice grounded in a conception of design as an agent of social change. 

WLCI Design School also teaches “Visual Communication” course to the students, that comprises ‘Integrated Design’ in its syllabus. The eligibility criterion is completion of 10 +2 years of education or graduates. There are special courses for working professionals also. To know more about the course, click on the following link: