Saturday, 13 September 2014

Is WLC College giving tips on Men’s Fashion ?

WLC College took it upon themselves to better dress the men of our society ! Mentioned below is the cheat sheet to look fabulous in the most discreet way. Simple tips that can add glamour to your wardrobe, without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • For lean men, wear clothes that hug your body. For bulky men, wear the right size and fit (Hint: slim fit is not for you).
  • Never wear more than 3 colors. The color of your accessories- belt, shoes, ties and cufflinks, are included.  Opt for a subtle and simple look.
  • Casual dressing need not be boring, gear up in a collared shirt with your denims for a day out with friends.
  • Pay attention to detail. Add a scarf or pocket square to your formal evening attire to complete the look.
  • Keep your shoes polished. It matters, your shoes speaks loudly of your character so keep them pristinely clean at all times.
  • Don’t be a sucker for brand names. Shop for your look not your status, cheeky thought but true. If the shirt at your supermarket bodes well on your body, buy it, it was made for you.

Dear Men, WLCI School of Fashion has taken the initiative in your retrospect and wishes for a fashionable future. Keep experimenting and cultivating your image. What you wear defines you and your power. It boosts your confidence level too, so chose wisely !

WLC College Feedback on PM’s Generator free approach

India – A Generator and Inverter Free Nation !

PM Narendra Modi is aiming at providing 24x7 power supply to the people of India. These were the words of Mr. Piyush Goyal, Union Minister of State for Power, Coal and Renewable Energy at the India Summit 2014, held recently.

India’s political landscapes and future of Business’s were also discussed at the event. WLC College supports their initiative of using renewable energy to supply power to the masses !

Thursday, 11 September 2014

How Wigan & Leigh College makes you Visually Literate

Literacy is a gift from our parents and junior school teachers. They taught us how to read and write and be able to communicate our thoughts. WLC College, however, makes you visually literate !

This terminology refers to the ability to communicate and express our thoughts visually, through the medium of design. This is done by the use of the following tools :-

  • Typography – The font used to express your thoughts can depict your mood, so choose wisely.
  • Layout – The way you place your words and design on paper or on screen holds weight age as the viewer is easily manipulated by it.
  • Color – Saturation used by you as a designer can affect the mood of your reader.
  • Human Bias – People are predominately trusting of other people, unless they appear shabby. Use images and pictures of humans as opposed to clip arts.
  • Culture Conscious – In case your design travels across borders, be extremely sensitive to the many cultures across the globe.
  • Decision Making – Golden Rule when it comes to buyers : People like choices when browsing, but when they are ready to make a purchase, they would rather be left with no option than many !
  • Punctuation and Grammar – Use spell check and the thesaurus wherever applicable, don’t make a blunder out of your design.

Learn more ways on how to get visually literate at WLCI School of Design :

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

WLC College India - All you MUST know about Careers

Career advice in India comes free of cost. From your parents, teachers, neighbors and random people on the street, the advice can come from anywhere !

How effective or accurate is this advice really ? The success mantra, that worked for your parents might not for you. WLC College sheds light on the lesser known facts about Careers. Things that one learns over a period of time, with experience are listed below. The sooner one realizes and makes peace with the facts listed below, the faster they grow as a fully capable professional !

  • Your Career is Your Responsibility. Parents, teachers and managers are not accountable to the success you attain in your life nor are they truly going to reap any benefits from it. So take control !
  • Mediocre Work = Mediocre Life. Unless one does extraordinarily well, they will never come into anyone’s notice. Go above and beyond to make a mark in your career and life.
  • Expertise in one thing. Create your unique selling point. Gain proficiency in any one field or aspect and be the go-to-guy.
  • You can’t really love what you do. No one can really love ALL the aspects of their job. List down the good, the bad and the ugly and focus on what you really like doing.
  • Prove to be an asset. Don’t hold on to your past performance for too long. Keep performing every single day.
  • Don’t be arrogant. Pride and overconfidence kills careers. Play nice and develop a pleasing personality to climb the ladder to success.

WLC College India encourages you to find career sponsors and not career advisors. Career Sponsors look out for your best interest and help you take the fast track to success.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

WLC College India - All you MUST know about Customers

Today, the customers are smarter and better informed. Thus, requiring the Consumer Business’s to always be at a struggle to be in demand. In the field of aviation, there is a Pilot and a Passenger, back in the day your customer was just a passenger but today, they have occupied the position of Co – Pilot. A business needs to live in harmony with the consumers and constantly thrive to satisfy their needs. The customer has moved from being just a consumer to a co – creator.

WLC College India helps the students of the Business Management Programme understand the importance of a Customer. Attention to consumer behavior and preference is carefully administered into the decision making trait of WLCI Students. Here are some of the common highlights of a customer :-

  • Consumer knows more about you than you !
        With access to search portals, customers today are more knowledgeable than the CEO of your company.
  • Customer is more loyal than your dog !
       It has been observed that with growing age of your consumer, the willingness to switch to other brand     declines.
  • Be online and sell more !
     With the rise in online consumerism, it is vital to be able to sell your products online.
  • Customers are guarded when it comes to change !
    Corresponding to the brand loyalty point, it is quite hard to have consumers switch from the competitors    brand to yours.